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If you require elevator service in Omaha, contact VDA. Let our professional staff help your company.

Can We Help Modernize Your Elevator Service In Omaha?

We specialize in the modernization process. Our professional consultants will survey your existing equipment and provide a traffic analysis. We will then provide you with our recommendations for upgrades with estimated costs.

Modernization will make your elevators energy-efficient and reduce your overall energy costs. New technology uses microprocessors and group passengers, reducing wait times, and eliminating unnecessary trips. More modern systems can feed energy back into the building as they descend instead of releasing heat.

Computers and wireless networks are sensitive to electromagnetic noise, and when you upgrade, you can reduce the sound, which will improve the quality of your wireless network. How significant your wireless improvement will depend on the solid-state elevator drive you choose and have installed. A lot of older generators are not compatible with new solid-state drives. An excellent consultant will understand and know what will work and what won't.

  • Upgrading your elevator system will also improve safety and look more appealing to the public.

Why Is Elevator Maintenance Essential?

There are several reasons why elevator maintenance is vital, and safety should be foremost on your mind. You wouldn't want anything to happen to a person or group of persons because your elevator system wasn't properly maintained. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has strict guidelines for elevator maintenance. These federal standards are essential. Basics include:

  • Inspecting the equipment that moves people
  • is critical. An elevator mechanic must clean, adjust, and lubricate the elevator system.
  • Maintenance is required at least every six months, but more often the elevator gets heavy use.
  • All inspection records are to be kept for a year and reviewed before a new permit is issued.
  • You will be required to have all of the electrical equipment tested and all of the electrical circuits themselves. The emergency phone needs testing along with the elevator speed.

You will want to hire a company that can carry out all of your elevator service in Omaha and provides you with the right maintenance plan to keep your elevator service working flawlessly. The safety of people using the equipment is crucial.

Do We Work With New Construction?

We excel at new construction projects, and our consultants and designers are ready to help you design your system. We work with all different types of vertical transportation, including escalators. We provide a complete service, and our in-house design team is up to the challenge. Let us design the perfect system for you and your construction project.

We will find the perfect solutions for you and make sure all of your construction complies with federal, state, city, and county code. We pride ourselves in providing cost-effective solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, safety orientated, and the right solution for your building.

We can work with a wide variety of variables, and our innovative designs will add to your construction project. Contact us at VDA today.



elevator service Omaha

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elevator service Omaha

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