Quality Control Evaluation

The VDA Maintenance Quality Control Evaluation (QCE) Program provides you with professional evaluation of the level of maintenance being performed on a building’s Vertical Transportation Equipment. This service allows you to accurately determine if your equipment is receiving the maintenance that you are paying for under the terms of your agreement.  For some clients, the firm performs these audits annually although many building owners and managers prefer semi-annual or quarterly evaluations.

A QCE is typically performed when the elevators are not performing to your satisfaction. If the elevator equipment is under ten (10) years old, then we would suggest our “Basic QCE Services” be performed. The purpose of this evaluation is to find any potential maintenance related issues that need to be addressed, which may be causing the elevators to perform inadequately. Upon completion of the evaluation, we will issue a report with our findings and provide an overview of the equipment, list any Code Related Issues found, and make Remedial Recommendations.

Equipment that is over ten years of age may require certain costly upgrades be considered in the near future. At that point we would recommend our “Elevated QCE Service” be performed.