Services Offered

VDA is an all-inclusive elevator and escalator consulting firm providing services for the comprehensive maintenance, design, and engineering for elevators, escalators, moving walks, dumbwaiters, and lift systems in new and existing market segments. Throughout our past and in our present, these buildings include commercial offices, a variety of mixed-use configurations, Residential towers and condominiums, stadiums, museums, transportation facilities, educational, hotel, religious, retail, and industrial buildings.

We have performed New Construction, Modernization, and Maintenance Evaluations for all types of elevators, escalators, and other systems for thousands of projects. Our extensive experience in the field makes VDA an excellent choice to continue to provide your Elevator Consulting needs.

Regardless of the service being provided, VDA acts as an extension of our client and handles the design of all elevator, escalator, and vertical transportation components. We will always act in the interest our client to ensure they are getting the correct services at a fair price with equipment operating to industry standards.

VDA can also help to develop and oversee maintenance contract agreements that best suit the individual clients needs at the completion of the initial evaluation and maintenance audits of the existing equipment. The company calls on its familiarity with anticipated operational issues, while identifying and establishing appropriate contract terms, to obtain desired levels of equipment availability and performance.

Our staff is dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs for Elevator Consulting services. In addition to our New Jersey headquarters, we currently maintain over 30 branch offices conveniently located to major client markets and are continually looking for highly qualified people to expand our geographic capabilities.