Equipment Evaluation

VDA Elevator and Escalator Equipment Evaluation (EE) process provides you with professional evaluation of the maintenance being performed on Elevator and Escalator Equipment. This service allows you to accurately determine if your elevator and escalator equipment is receiving the maintenance that you are paying for under the terms of your elevator and escalator maintenance agreement.  For some clients, VDA performs these audits annually although many building owners and managers prefer semi-annual or quarterly quality control evaluations.

An “Equipment Evaluation” is typically performed when the elevators and escalators are not performing to your satisfaction. If the elevator and escalator equipment is under ten (10) years old, then we would suggest our “Standard Service”. The purpose of this evaluation process is to find any potential maintenance related issues that need to be addressed, which may be causing the elevators and escalators to perform inadequately. Upon completion of the evaluation process, we will issue a report with our findings and provide an overview of the elevator and escalator equipment, list any Code Related Issues found, and make Remedial Recommendations.

Elevator and escalator equipment that is over ten years of age may require certain costly upgrades to be considered in the near future. At that point, we would recommend our “Comprehensive Service” be performed.

Due Diligence – This Service is typically provided when a building is being refinanced or sold. Banks and potential buyers need to know the status of the existing elevators and/or vertical transportation equipment so that they can establish a fair price. Buyers can negotiate a better purchase price or see what capital will be needed to be spent in the short term (one to three years), medium term, (three to five years), and long term (five to ten years).

VDA will evaluate the existing equipment and quickly provide you with a report that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of that building’s equipment. This report will contain an overview summary of the equipment, identification of concerns in the short, medium, long term, and many other useful details that will help you determine your overall risk.


Services Offered Standard Comprehensive Due Diligence
Cover Letter & Cover Page X X X
Intent X X X
Executive Summary – Equipment Overview X X X
Overview Summary – Maintained Condition X X X
Overview Summary – Report Operating Performance (ROP) Optional X Optional
Overview Summary – Maintained Testing Status X X X
Overview Summary – Remedial Recommendations X X
Overview Summary – Short-Term Recommendations X X
Overview Summary – Long-Term Recommendations X X
Overview Summary – Capital Planning Considerations X X
Life Cycle Analysis X X
ADA Compliance X X X
Maintenance Deficiency Compliance X X
Items of Owner’s Consideration X X
Report Operating Performance (ROP) Chart Optional X Optional
Equipment Profile X X X
Modernization-Upgrade Outline X