About Us

VDA specializes in comprehensive Consulting and Inspection Services for all types of elevators, escalators and other conveyance systems that move people and equipment within buildings.

Since our inception in 1980, we pride ourselves in our people and the enormous amount of talented professionals
who bring in-depth experience and technical know-how that supports key service deliverables to the marketplace, such as: New Construction Design, Modernization, Maintenance Management/Contract Fulfillment, Equipment Evaluations, Third-Party Inspections and other Code Compliance services.


To provide excellence in vertical transportation consulting and inspection services, leveraging the collective expertise of our people while advocating for our clients to achieve the safest and most efficient solutions possible.


To ensure all buildings have safe, reliable and sustainable vertical transportation systems that enable and enrich businesses, operations and personal experiences – raising the bar one floor at a time.


Doing the right thing always


Treating everyone with dignity and fairness


Providing best-in-class services consistently


Upholding the highest standards without sacrificing quality


Working cohesively with all stakeholders to advocate on behalf of our clients



VDA employs over 300 industry professionals with a technical prowess that far outweighs our competition and stretches across the entire nation. The strength of our firm is in each individual bringing a necessary and relevant set of skills, knowledge, and experience to your front door, ultimately adding to the success of your vertical transportation projects. Our consultants and inspectors are continually updated on new technology, local jurisdictional code requirements, manufacturer design improvements and industry trends. Together, our team earns VDA recognition as the Leader in Elevator/Escalator Consulting and Inspection Services.