AIA Training

AIA Continuing Education

Because AIA members are required to meet the annual AIA continuing education requirement of 18 learning units, VDA offers Continuing Education Approved Training Courses, that will help you meet these mandated training requirements.

Our AIA Approved VDA courses provide you with the opportunity to earn Learning Units of continuing education credit, which will help you complete the required 18 LUs, from registered AIA/CES providers each year.

VDA Approved Courses Include:

Introduction to Vertical Transportation Systems – (1 LU|HSW Credit)

  • Differentiate basic Elevator, Escalator and Miscellaneous Lift applications
  • Review the Elevator Standards and Elevator Code Requirements
  • Evaluate basic Elevator Application Guidelines
  • An overview of Elevator Design Criteria and learn basics of Elevator Traffic Studies
  • Identify the Elevators & Escalators features that will have an impact on Sustainable Building Design in Conjunction with the Energy Code and LEED Process

Social Distancing – Defining the Impact – (1 LU Credit)

  • Explaining the impact of Social Distancing on the Elevator Design/Planning.
  • Understanding the “Common Threads” and identifying the challenges.
  • Establish the Design Criteria that will be used to Analyze the Vertical Transportation requirements of a project.
  • Explain how to overcome obstacles and apply solutions/recommendations.

VDA Knows that keeping your Education current is essential. The Elevator Code and Elevator Industry are constantly changing, so keeping up with these changes can be challenging. Let VDA help you stay current with these industry changes.

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