Our Clients

VDA’s client base includes some of the most recognized architects, engineering firms, developers, building owners, real estate management organizations, and major corporations. All have called on VDA to consult for innovative plans and solutions that make every new project a showcase of aesthetics, efficiency, and safety in context of proposed structural function and surrounding settings. The firm applies the same diligence and unique approach to every assignment from the smallest residential job to the largest commercial campus or transportation hub.

Our expertise has contributed to a wide variety of successful new construction, modernization, or adaptive reuse projects involving commercial office buildings, retailers, residential facilities, museums, schools and universities, courthouses, hotels, convention centers,historical sites, landmark buildings, athletic facilities, parking garages and transit installations in airports, rail stations, and subways.

VDA has provided our full range of elevator consulting services in all market segments and clients big and small. Below is a list of the areas where we have or are continuing to provide our services:

Commercial Office

Commercial Office

Residential Construction


Hotel Building


Retail / Shopping Mall

Retail/Shopping Mall

Building Construction


Educational Building Construction


Leisure / Entertainment


Ball Park


Transportation / Mass Transit

Transportation / Mass Transit

Governmental Facilities