New Construction Design

VDA’s 42+ years’ experience in New Construction Design, provides our clients with the ability to design a “State of the Art” Building utilizing the most advanced Elevator and Escalator systems technology available in the industry. Most people will agree that, when it comes to a project starting from the ground up, the Elevator Systems will be a critical component of any successful project. Whether you are an Architect, Building Developer, or Owner, VDA will provide you with our expertise and services to ensure that you are receiving a cutting-edge Elevator System design. Whether its a brand new building or the design and installation of new equipment within your existing building, VDA will carefully consider the anticipated building conditions you will encounter and provide you with a cost-effective Elevator Systems that will exceed the demands of your building.

VDA’s services will begin at Schematic Design starting with a study of the various user groups anticipated for the new building in order to determine the specific vertical transportation needs of each group. Once the types and sizes of the elevators are determined, drawings and loading information will be provided to the design team for coordination of their disciplines.

VDA will use accepted design principles, to assure the proper sizing and quantity of equipment is designed, in an effort to minimize the energy footprint that would otherwise be wasted by an oversized system.  In addition, VDA will review the latest equipment design, control, and drive technologies in the industry to determine their applicability to meet the project requirements and maximize the contribution they will provide to a sustainable building. VDA can help analyze building traffic flow and make recommendations to design a system that will limit passenger interaction during these changing times.

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