Elevator Service Newport Beach

Whether you are planning an upgrade, installing elevators in a new building, or need to verify the operation of your system, an elevator specialist will assist you with all your needs. At VDA, we provide high-quality elevator service in Newport Beach and across the country. Our team of experts includes elevator designers and engineers to assist with the planning and operation of your vertical transportation.

What Services Do You Provide?

At VDA, we are a full-service vertical transportation consulting company. We provide expert elevator service in Newport Beach. Our services include adaptive reuse, contract administration, initial equipment evaluation, maintenance quality control evaluation, modernization, new construction, peer review, and program management. We have a team of skilled professionals to handle all of your elevator, escalator, lift, and other needs. Our team members have training and experience and are members of a variety of elevator associations throughout the world.

Maintenance Quality Control Evaluation

At VDA, we provide a comprehensive maintenance quality control evaluation. We will evaluate the overall level of maintenance of your vertical transportation equipment. We measure the actual operating performance compared with the recommended standards. Then, we provide you with an itemized deficiency document along with recommendations for improvement. We may offer a one-time evaluation, or you might want a quarterly or annual assessment. Our team will help make sure that your elevators are operating optimally.

Do We Need to Modernize Our Equipment?

If your elevators are old or outdated, or they aren’t performing adequately, it might be time to consider modernization. Our team members are experts at elevator service in Newport Beach. Modernization allows you to increase ROI and improve the overall performance of the building. At VDA, we provide you with a complete assessment of your current elevators and then advise you of the options to make improvements. We will include modernization or upgrade recommendations along with estimates of the costs. We analyze traffic and determine the best and most efficient ways to improve service. Then, we oversee the entire modernization process from start to finish.

About VDA

We started VDA in Livingston, NJ, in 1980 and have been growing consistently ever since. Our headquarters are still in New Jersey, and we now provide elevator service in Newport Beach and 30 offices across the country. We have more than 160 employees with 67 consultants and 30 field and design engineers. Our professional staff has excellent skills and training, along with multiple certifications nationwide. We have the necessary certification to conduct nationwide elevator inspections. Today, construction and industry leaders look to us as one of the top professional elevator consulting companies in the country. We take pride in providing high-quality services to our clients from coast to coast. View our gallery online to see some of the many successful customer services we have provided. Our team has the dedication to making sure our customers get the best elevator services at reasonable prices. We ensure that the completed result meets your needs and gives you reliable, efficient vertical transportation systems that will improve your building’s function.


Elevator Service Newport Beach

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Elevator Service Newport Beach

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