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Elevator consultants are experts in their line of work and have the experience of working in the vertical transportation industry. They understand the ins and outs of the industry and offer their clients affordable access to code-related and highly technical training that would otherwise need you to spend years undergoing similar training. Finding reputable elevator companies in New Jersey capable of offering impeccable services, a high level of technical expertise, the experience to navigate the process diligently and professionally, and the ability to match the pace of a given project can be difficult. Some of the reasons are the steep learning curve and the amount of time required to master the entire process efficiently.

At VDA, we’re a premier elevator service company. We know the industry, markups, schedules, and costs of virtually any project. We’re highly experienced and trained when it comes to vertical transportation systems. With the help of our consultant New Jersey elevator services, you’ll avoid costly mistakes and do the job right the first time.

Our Projects

Having been in business for 40 years and worked successfully on more than 37,000 projects in the U.S. and worldwide, we can help meet your elevator consulting services needs, including commercial elevator design installation. Our past projects’ successes are a testimonial of our commitment to delivering quality services at competitive prices. Here are some of our NJ elevator contractor projects:

  • Madison Square Garden

After years of heavy traffic use, it was time for major renovations at the Madison Square Garden. We were brought in to offer our design services for the vertical transportation systems, ensuring the optimal flow of spectators. VDA worked on modernizing 14 existing elevators, replacing 42 existing escalators, and installing 17 new elevators and 5 new escalators.

  • Americans Airlines Center

A premier entertainment and sports venue, the American Airlines Center is located on a 12-acre land and is among the most technologically advanced sports Arena countrywide. When American Airlines Center needed a professional elevator service firm, they knew VDA was the right company for the job. We were tasked with evaluating and surveying the existing freight escalators and elevators as well as passenger elevators. Once done, we issued the client with a report detailing our findings and recommendations.

  • Gateway Arch

Standing at 630 feet, the imposing stainless steel Gateway Arch commemorates Thomas Jefferson, and the role played by St. Louis in the expansion of the U.S. westward. Because of its curved shape, a normal elevator could not take visitors to the top. To solve this problem, Dick Bowser was contracted and was given only two weeks to design a working system. He came up with a solution—a tram that was part Ferris wheel and part elevator to lift visitors to the top. When the iconic masterpiece was due for a makeover, they did not hesitate to enlist our services. We were responsible for evaluating the 2 service elevators. We presented a report with our findings, recommendations, and code review.

Your Trusted, Reliable Elevator Consultants

Our clients choose to align themselves with us because of our commitment and technical expertise to handle any challenges of a complex project and complete it successfully to their satisfaction. As one of the best New Jersey elevator companies, we also carry the weight of our claims. Contact VDA for elevator and escalator consulting, among other New Jersey elevator services on 973-994-9220.

Elevator Service New Jersey

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Elevator Service New Jersey

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