Elevator Service Manhattan

Your elevator is one of the most important parts of your building. With thousands of customers using this crucial device every day, Manhattan NY elevator services are a necessity. Keep your elevator in service with VDA.

How often does my elevator need service?

There are 84000 elevators in New York City and 63000 passenger elevators. That is one passenger elevator for every 139 users. These devices move people and good twenty-four hours per day in a city that never sleeps.

Service your elevator once per month to ensure that these vital devices can keep the city that never sleeps alive. There is no reason to suffer from an outage. VDA professionals perform maintenance, repair, and safety inspections that keep your tenants in motion.

When is an elevator broken?

One of the most common ways to tell if your elevator needs service is if the floor is not level with your door. This is a sign that the brakes are out.

Other issues include flickering lights and doors that do not slide smoothly. There are many things that can go wrong with your elevator.

Elevator Repair Services

A quality elevator service company knows its way around brakes, cables, electrical equipment, panels, lights, guide rails, and doors. There are many parts that keep your system functioning.

VDA spent 40 years helping with new construction, modernization, and repair across the world. We know our way around systems in some of the tallest buildings.

Elevator Varieties

Every building is different. Your elevator needs to work for your building. Modern shafts are larger than those in buildings that are decades or even a century old.

VDA has experience across the city. From the statue of liberty to the Bank of America Tower, our professionals work under a variety of situations.

Professional Services

Elevator projects require planning and capability. You need to know that if your inspection turns up a problem, the issue will be repaired as quickly as possible.

Every VDA project is lead by area managers working with teams of consultants and field engineers. Our support staff ensures that the people, parts, and expertise are available for your service every month.

Finding Experienced Professionals

Whichever elevator company you choose to use, you need to ensure that the people you choose are experienced and capable. The people are as vital as the company.

VDA engineers have 3000 years of combined industry experience on over 30,000 projects. Every professional works with experienced and capable staff to grow and learn. Our experts travel to you as needed.

Local NY Elevator Services Company

VDA is as local as it gets. Our headquarters is just across the bay in East Hanover NJ.

If you are global, we are likely around the corner with over 30 branch offices in the United States alone. We have projects in Dubai, California, Chicago, and other major cities.

Where can I find Manhattan NY elevator service?

Manhattan elevator service keeps one of the world’s largest city humming. Keep your brakes functioning, electricity working, and doors gliding smoothly.

If you need to find a company for monthly service or your doors are off-kilter, get in touch with VDA. We are ready to help you achieve your vertical transportation needs.





Elevator Service Manhattan

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Elevator Service Manhattan

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