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Vertical transportation systems have become vital in the efficient operation of buildings and for the comfort of those inside them. For instance, elevators are a major success factor for skyscrapers. Also, escalators offer a solution for buildings with a lot of foot traffic where lifts would be impractical.

VDA offers services including survey, evaluation, and report (SER), where we perform on-site surveys of all aspects of vertical transportation systems then make recommendations for modifications and upgrades. Clients can get our elevator service in Davenport, Minneapolis, Chicago, and several other cities across the country.

What are the Advantages of Vertical Transportation in Buildings?

The benefits of having a vertical transportation system in a building are:

  • Efficient Movement – Systems such as elevators allow people to move between many floors within a short period. Escalators especially enable the movement of large numbers of people all at once.
  • Disability-Friendly – It’s much easier for persons with disabilities to use elevators compared to staircases.
  • Comfort – Taking the stairs can be an unwelcome or even painful exercise for many people. Lifts, moving walks, and escalators offer a more comfortable alternative. With these vertical transportation systems, there’s no physical exertion required to get to the next floor.

Between Elevators or Escalators, Which One Should You Have in Your Building?

Both escalators and elevators move people from one area to another in buildings easier, but each of them can be more useful than the other in various instances. Escalators are more suitable in buildings such as shopping malls where there’s a large number of moving people at all times.

Elevators, which can only hold a small group at a time, are more suitable for office or residential buildings where the traffic is less compared to malls. Lifts are also ideal for buildings with many stories. And if your building is relatively small, an elevator is a better option as it can fit anywhere, occupies little space, and consumes less energy.

Escalator and Elevator Safety Tips

To ensure safety while riding escalators and elevators, users should be educated on the following tips:

For escalators:

  • Attend small kids at all times. They should be instructed not to play on them. Also, have an adult hold their hands.
  • Tie loose shoelaces that may be trapped in the escalator.
  • Face forward and hold the handrail firmly.

For elevators:

  • Never board a lift that has reached the maximum capacity. Some elevators may not start if there’s excess weight, while others will, but at the high risk of losing control.
  • In case the lift stops between floors, you should use the alarm button to ask for assistance. Avoid trying to force the doors open and wait for help to arrive.

Move in Style

Modern vertical transportation adds a lot of value to a building. Tenants and potential buyers make sure they check whether there are any elevators available and if they're in good working condition. At VDA, we work with property owners and managers to ensure that they have quality and properly functioning vertical transportation systems in their buildings. Call us today on 973-994-9220 for elevator service in Davenport. Together, we can make your building a desirable place for your target market.

elevator service Davenport

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elevator service Davenport

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