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Elevators play a crucial role in the transportation systems of many commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Unfortunately, many owners don’t pay attention to the state of the lifts until they have broken down. Such an inconvenience affects the movement of people and equipment in the building, which can lead to loss of productivity.

To keep business running smoothly and everyone in your building safe while using the elevators, constant maintenance is necessary. VDA is an elevator consulting firm that provides services for the maintenance, engineering, and designing of elevators. We have worked on projects at stadiums, condominiums, hotels, and many other types of buildings. With several branch offices nationwide, we are also able to offer elevator service in Cedar Rapids.

What is the Importance of Elevator Maintenance?

The following are reasons why an elevator system has to be regularly maintained:

  • It allows for repairs to be done on time, avoiding instances where movement inside a building is interrupted.
  • Maintenance ensures that minor issues do not escalate to major repairs. This saves on costs since any problem is sorted out before it becomes critical.
  • During maintenance, the elevator is lubricated, worn parts are replaced, and the condition of the entire system is checked. With such care, the elevator is bound to last for as long as it’s supposed to.

Our maintenance plans are specially designed to keep elevators constantly running by diagnosing and fixing any problem before it causes a shutdown.

How to Maintain Your Elevator

To maintain your elevator, you will need to:

  • Change any malfunctioning parts such as bulbs, buttons, and switches. Floor buttons that don't work are a nuisance and make it hard to access certain floors.
  • Avoid exceeding the set weight limit, as doing so will wear down the elevator sooner than expected. It will also lead to frequent breakdowns due to overloading. Therefore, put up signs informing users of the maximum lift load.
  • Keep a log of any issues that affect the lift's performance. Note when it happens, for instance, whether it's during peak hours. With such information, it'll be easier for the repair technicians to diagnose the problem and offer a solution.

How Often Should an Elevator Be Serviced?

How often you service your elevator may depend on its model. So, before making a maintenance schedule, first, check the manufacturer's instructions. Your location also matters as each city has its own set of regulations on how lifts should be cared for and how often.

Generally, you should have your elevators inspected and serviced at least once every year. But in case of any mechanical failure before the scheduled maintenance, you should call a service technician to repair the lift as soon as possible.

Keep Your Elevators Moving

Elevators should be performing optimally at all times for maximum safety. That said, if you need elevator service in Cedar Rapids, we are here for you. Our team of seasoned elevator technicians is always ready to provide inspection, repair, testing, and maintenance services to almost every elevator brand. Get in touch with us on 973-994-9220 for any questions or queries about our services.

elevator service Cedar Rapids

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elevator service Cedar Rapids

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