Elevator Service Beverly Hills

Elevators keep America moving. Elevator service in Beverly Hills ensures that your building never loses the ability to serve. VDA has over 4300 active projects with consultations that reach every corner of the United States.

How often do I need to service my elevator?

Annual inspections ensure that your equipment is safe and functional. However, there are more factors involved than a certificate of approval. Elevators are a risk factor in any building as critical failures are a liability.

We recommend inspecting your equipment once every year. Our team keeps your dumbwaiters, pulleys, and cars from creating unwanted situations while also giving you a leg up on how you can save money in the future.

What types of preventative maintenance do I need to perform on an elevator?

Elevators are complex devices. While your clients and visitors never see what happens behind the scenes there are things that you need to complete daily. Check cars to make sure that they are level with the floor, look for oil leaks, and keep the equipment room clean.

Contact a technician if you notice anything unusual. Most local governments and the Technical Safety and Service Act require you to contact officials immediately when a hazard is detected. Regular maintenance and inspections are not just a luxury but a requirement.

What is the cost of elevator service?

Compared to the impact that an accident can have on your bottom line, service calls are inexpensive. Most start at only $120. The cost of repair averages around $75 per hour.

This pales in comparison to the cost of needing to replace a car or an entire system. Standard systems in a two-story building range from $20,000 to $30,000 with pneumatic types reaching $50,000 or higher. The price is much higher for taller structures or those with unique requirements.

Are there dedicated elevator engineers and consultants?

Elevator consultants find the best solution for your building. We look at your budget, structure, and layout to determine how to move your visitors, customers, tenants, and clients from point-to-point.

VDA employs 166 people in 12 different countries.  Our staff includes 30 field and design engineers who can analyze and improve plans as well as help you decide on the best service plan for your system. As an industry leader, we not only require our staff to be trained but offer continuing education credits for AIA members.

Elevator Service in Beverly Hills

Elevators are a crucial part of the industrial, commercial, and even the residential landscape. Clients in Beverly Hills expect the best and we want to help you provide. Our staff keeps your overall costs low with maintenance and consulting.

Keeping your system up to date is a requirement and not a luxury. Regular inspections lead to fines for violators with the ability to effectively shut off access to your upper levels. The same requirements hold for commercial and residential elevators.

Get in touch with our consultants today to establish a maintenance plan that helps you avoid costs down the road.


Elevator Service Beverly Hills

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Elevator Service Beverly Hills

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