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There are many old buildings without elevators. That in itself is a disadvantage when it comes to attracting tenants. Luckily, technological advancements have seen to it that installing lifts in an already existing building is possible. While it can be done, the process is as complex as it is challenging, depending on the status and design of the facility.

At VDA, we work with building owners looking to have elevators installed in their properties. Our professionals are capable of advising on the appropriate location for installation, the costs of the entire process, and the types of elevators that should be used. We provide elevator service in Ames for this and other projects such as modernization.

What Building Codes Should an Elevator Meet?

The building codes that lifts in buildings meant for public use must meet are:

  • Fire Resistant Shafts – Shafts are required to be fire resistant in order to prevent flames from spreading in case of a fire breakout. For elevators in low-rise buildings of less than four floors, the shaft should have a resistance rating of one hour. Two-hour ratings are necessary for taller buildings.
  • Heat, Ventilation, and Cooling Requirements – Elevator controllers need to be kept at specific temperatures for optimal operation. To ensure the temperature is sustained at all times, there's a need for small HVAC systems alongside a backup power supply dedicated solely to the elevator system in case of a power failure.

What are the ADA Regulations for Elevators?

Both new and old buildings need to fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations when constructing elevators for public use. These requirements state that:

  • Each building should have at least one passenger elevator adhering to all ADA accessibility requirements. A wheelchair should be able to enter the elevator, move around the cab to allow access to the controls, and easily exit the car. There are specifications on width and length inside an elevator that enable such movement.
  • Control buttons both on the inside of the car and outside at the landing should be at a level within the range of a person using a wheelchair. There should also be braille designations on the left side of the control button.

Where to Install an Elevator in an Old Building

For an old building, you can install an elevator either on the inside or outside. The exterior provides the easiest and most inexpensive option that may not cause a lot of disruptions to the existing construction. Installing a new elevator system inside may mean interfering with the staircase, sometimes even requiring you to move it.

When installing a lift in an existing building, it's crucial to enlist the services of a qualified elevator service company, and we’ll help you do exactly that.

Get Top-Rated Services

At VDA, we have worked on thousands of projects across the country. By hiring our consultants, you access some of the most sought-after professionals in the industry. With the years of experience, you will be getting the right kind of skills you need for elevator service in Ames. Contact us today on 973-994-9220 to talk to one of our consultants about your project.

elevator service Ames

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elevator service Ames

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