Our Services

This product is typically provided when a building is being refinanced or sold. Banks and potential buyers need to know the status of the building and the existing elevators and/or vertical transportation equipment to either negotiate a better purchase price or to see what capital will be needed to be spent in the short term (one to three years) and medium term, (three to five years). vda® will inspect the existing equipment and provide a report that is produced when a client is needing a quick review of the building’s elevators. Typically, the client is looking for any maintenance related issues that need to be addressed immediately and if they need to spend any money when a property is purchased. A report with our findings will typically contain an overview summary of the equipment, and immediate concerns, short and medium terms. The report also contains a Life Cycle Analysis, ADA review, Code and Standards Review, Recorded Operation Parameters and the Equipment Profile.

Services Include

  • Evaluation of Existing Equipment
  • Provide a thorough report outlining equipment profile (s) with recommendations and cost-effective budgets to support a modernization that best suits the building’s needs