Planning an Elevator Project

April 27, 2022

From the Desk of: Jim Peterlin – Midwest Region

Do you know that…

Proper planning of Elevator/Escalator Capital Projects in advance, can save your property significant cost and challenges.

VDA offers services that can help a building prepare most effectively for the timing and budgeting of any elevator/escalator project…

One such service VDA provides is a complete “Modernization Pre-Evaluation Survey” that will identify the remaining life expectancy of the equipment, provide a reasonable project schedule to complete the project, and suggest a realistic current budget price for performing the work recommended.

Our technical expertise, product knowledge, project design capability, and code familiarity, is used to provide the appropriate recommendations. 

We are continually educating our team and identifying new industry advancements to ensure that we exceed your project expectations. 

VDA’s job is to make your life easier. We provide our clients with the information and ability to understand exactly what their current situation is, along with providing them with the solutions to correct all issues swiftly and affordably.

VDA has over 3,000 Years of Combined Industry knowledge accumulated from our 130+ Elevator Professionals.  When you think of Elevators, think of VDA and we will make your problems go away.  

To learn how VDA can help you on your next project, please click here view our services…

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