Is this Elevator Really Obsolete?

September 10, 2020

Is this Elevator Really Obsolete?

Too often it seems, that Elevator Owners are blindsided by their Elevator Contractor informing them that their current Elevator Equipment is considered “Obsolete”. Obsolescence is when a Part/Component is no longer available to be Repaired/Replaced on your elevator.

Elevators have been around since the 1800s, so there are definitely instances where obsolescence is possible. Keep in mind though, that occasionally, these claims are exaggerated, and are merely a tactic used to sell you an Upgraded Modern Elevator System.


VDA can help you with the following:

  • By performing Periodic “Quality Control Evaluations”, VDA will keep you informed of what the realistic life expectancy of your equipment actually is, so you can proactively plan for a Modernization and avoid being blindsided.
  • VDA can review the Elevator Contractors’ claim of Obsolescence for legitimacy.
  • VDA can advise you on the availability of a 3rd party resources, that will provide you with the ability to obtain the necessary Component/Part that is claimed to be obsolete.
  • VDA can review your current Maintenance Agreement to determine what your actual exposure is to Obsolescence.
  • VDA can provide you with a custom written Maintenance Agreement with “Favorable” Obsolesance Language.
  • VDA can recommend short-term modifications to the elevator, that can help temporarily delay the performance of a Modernization.
  • VDA can help you develop a Scope, Schedule, and Budget for the project when a Modernization is necessary.
  • VDA can help identify additional “Building Related Work” that will be required by the “Authority Having Jurisdiction” when the modernization is inevitably performed.
  • As a last resort, VDA can help you navigate through your Modernization Project, from beginning to end. Providing you with a quality Modernization Project, and a First-Class finished product that will run reliably for many years to come.

Let VDA help you navigate through this difficult situation. VDA Elevator Consultants can work with you and your team to determine what the reality of your current Elevator situation is. Our Elevator Professional will help you avoid unnecessary costs, and make sure that your system is returned to the reliable condition that you desire, whenever possible. And when necessary, VDA will help guide you through the Modernization process, so that you get exactly what you need, at the best possible price and with the least amount of inconvenience.

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