University of Illinois at Chicago Computer Design Research and Learning Facility

August 9, 2022

The New Construction Design Team with VDA located in Naperville, IL is proud to be a member of the Booth Hansen/LMN Architects design team for the University of Illinois Computer Design, Research and Learning Center.  VDA work closely with the design team along with UIC and the Capital Development Board of Illinois on the design of traction elevator system for this project.

UIC management team required an elevator system which would provide reliability, longevity, an excellent ride quality experience for the students and staff along with the ability for the UIC maintenance staff to properly maintain their investment and ease of future parts procurement.

The challenge for the VDA team was to design a non-MRL traction system without a traditional overhead traction machine room or a machine room located in the basement.  The VDA team was able to meet all the project requirements by locating the machine room at top landing served by the elevators and using basement-set type geared traction machines with a deflector sheave design to route the hoist cables into the hoistway and attach to the elevator cars.  This non-traditional elevator configuration required coordination between all areas of the design team, (structural, electrical, mechanical, architectural).

Anderson Elevator located in Broadview; Il has been awarded the project.  VDA along with the entire design team and W.E. O’Neil Construction is looking forward to a timely and first-class installation by new construction crews at Anderson Elevator for this exciting project.

By:  Jeffrey Peterson – VDA Senior Associate Midwest Region