Services Offered

VDA is an all-inclusive elevator and escalator consulting firm providing services for the comprehensive maintenance, design and engineering for elevators, escalators, moving walks, dumbwaiters, and lift systems in new and existing market segments. Throughout our past and in our present, these buildings include commercial offices, a variety of mixed-use configurations, Residential towers and condominiums, stadiums, museums, transportation facilities, educational, hotel, religious, retail and industrial buildings.

We have performed New Construction, Modernization and Maintenance Evaluations for all types of elevators, escalators and other systems for thousands of projects. Our extensive experience in the field makes VDA an excellent choice to continue to provide your Elevator Consulting needs.

Regardless of the service being provided, VDA acts as an extension of our client and handles the design of all elevator, escalator and vertical transportation components. We will always act in the interest our client to ensure they are getting the correct services at a fair price with equipment operating to industry standards.

VDA can also help to develop and oversee maintenance contract agreements that best suit the individual clients needs at the completion of the initial evaluation and maintenance audits of the existing equipment. The company calls on its familiarity with anticipated operational issues, while identifying and establishing appropriate contract terms, to obtain desired levels of equipment availability and performance.

Our staff is dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs for Elevator Consulting services. In addition to our New Jersey headquarters, we currently maintain 29 branch offices conveniently located to major client markets and are continually looking for highly qualified people to expand our geographic capabilities.

  • Contract Administration

    Complementing initial evaluations and maintenance audits, VDA will help develop and oversee maintenance contract agreements that best suit individual client needs. The company calls on its familiarity with anticipated operational issues, identifying and establishing appropriate contract terms to obtain desired levels of equipment availability and performance.

    Services Include

    • Performance of Maintenance Evaluations at Specified Intervals
    • Monitoring of Services to Verify Meeting of Contractual Obligations
    • Negotiate Pricing and Validate Extra Billings
    • Act on Behalf of Client at Contractor Meetings
    • Provide Recommendations for Improvement
  • Modernization

    The modernization process is a key opportunity to increase your companies ROI and improve a building’s overall performance and value. VDA can provide a complete assessment of the present condition of the elevators, where owners and managers will be advised of what’s required and the most cost effective options.

    Services Include

    • Survey of Existing Equipment
    • On-Site and/or Theoretical Traffic Analysis
    • Modernization or Upgrading Recommendations With Cost Estimates
    • Contract Documents
    • Contractor Prequalification
    • Shop Drawing Review
    • Progress Visits, Punch List Evaluation, Final Acceptance And Close-Out

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  • New Construction

    The building community’s most prestigious architects, engineers, and developers call on VDA during the development phase for all types of new construction projects. Our consultants are continually up to date on new technology, manufacturers, regulations and design trends.  We ensure your new construction project planning will go smoothly and our involvement will guarantee a building that meets everyone’s diverse standards.

    Services Include

    • Theoretical Traffic Analysis
    • Application Engineering
    • Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Loads
    • Performance Specifications and Layout Drawings
    • Budget Estimates and Assistance During Bidding
    • Shop Drawing Review
    • Progress Visits, Punch List Evaluation, Final Acceptance And Close-Out

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  • Program Management

    VDA can bring an enhanced level of planning and management to all phases of a vertical transportation project. As the client’s representative on matters involving the vertical transportation, VDA focuses its extensive experience on managing all program activities to insure a successful outcome. With a thorough understanding of the client’s expectations on scope, cost and deadlines, VDA provides a range of program management services.

    Services Include

    • Preparation of a preliminary time line with all interim deadlines
    • Interface with vertical transportation trades or disciplines to insure deliverables will be available when needed.
    • Review of drawings/specifications/deliverables to assure project is on track
    • Monitor schedules and review, approve/reject/negotiate change orders
    • Verify permitting authorities have been notified in a timely manner
    • Insure all post-construction deliverables are provided to the Owner
  • Quality Control Evaluation (QCE)

    VDA’s Maintenance Quality Control Evaluation Program provides professional evaluation of the level of maintenance being performed on a building’s vertical transportation equipment. For some clients, the firm performs these audits annually although many building owners and managers prefer semi-annual or quarterly evaluations.

    Services Include

    • Evaluation of Overall Level of Maintenance
    • Measurement of Actual Operating Performance vs. Recommended Standards
    • Review of Mandated Testing Dates
    • Itemize Deficiency Documentation
    • Recommendations for Improvement

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  • Survey, Evaluation and Report (SER)

    Intra-building vertical transportation is the heart of smooth operation. Whatever the structure’s purpose - work, study, entertainment, travel - easy access, workable traffic patterns, comfortable rides, and safety are crucial. VDA’s certified professionals perform thorough on-site surveys of all components, with complete reports spelling out recommendations for upgrades and modifications.

    Services Include

    • Survey of Existing Equipment Conditions
    • Code Analysis and ADA Compliance
    • Measure of Actual Operating Performance vs. Recommended Standards
    • Itemized Deficiency Documentation
    • Review of Preventive Maintenance Agreements
    • Recommendations for Short- and Long-Term Modernization/Upgrading

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VDA has provided our full range of elevator consulting services all throughout the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Management industry. While the services we offer varies from client to client, what we find below are the most commonly provided services per field:

Architecture/Engineering Firms: VDA has had the great fortune to provide our services for some of the world’s most well renowned Architects and Engineering firms. From Ultra-High-Rise buildings, to Airports, to Residential space in suburbs or athletic facilities in some of the busiest cities. We have worked on them all.

Development Groups: VDA has worked with a variety of the largest Development Groups in our history and depending on the needs of the project, our services have ranged from New Construction down to the Due Diligence of existing equipment in existing buildings to be transformed.

Owner / Management Firms: Some of VDA’s biggest and most active clients have included Realty/Commercial Management firms, Retail Management, Healthcare and Educational facilities and Government agencies big and small.