One Financial Center

One Financial Center is a 46-story wedge-shaped office tower that occupies 1.23 acres that links the Fort Point Channel area and Boston’s Financial District. In this mixed-used building, the office lobby, retail space and restaurant, occupy the first two levels; the rest of the stories are for offices.

VDA provided consulting services for the modernization of eight (8) low-rise traction elevators, twelve (12) high-rise traction elevators, two (2) traction service elevators, two (2) hydraulic garage elevators, and two (2) hydraulic shuttle elevators. VDA also provided specifications for the maintenance of twenty-four (24) traction elevators, four (4) hydraulic elevators, and two (2) escalators.

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Maintenance Quality Control Evaluation, Initial Equipment Evaluation, Modernization


Rose Associates, Inc

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Boston, MA

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$2.9 Million