Minnesota State Capitol

VDA is currently providing consulting services for the demolition / decommissioning of three (3) existing elevators, and the installation of four (4) new traction passenger elevators.

The Minnesota State Capitol is located in St. Paul, MN, and houses the Minnesota Senate, Minnesota House of Representatives, the office of the Attorney General and the office of the Governor. The building also includes a chamber for the Minnesota Supreme Court, although court activities usually take place in the neighboring Minnesota Judicial Center.

The building is set in a landscaped campus. Various monuments are on display to its sides and front. Behind the building, a bridge spans University Avenue, and in front, others were later added over the sunken roadway of Interstate 94, thus preserving the sight lines. Set near the crest of a hill, from the Capitol steps a panoramic view of downtown Saint Paul is presented.

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HGA Architects and Engineers, LLC

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Government, Historic/Landmark

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St. Paul, MN

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