Columbus Tower

VDA provided full services through construction administration for the vertical transportation units in this 35-story, 823,416 sq. ft. mixed use building. Four (4) gearless traction elevators serve the 392 rental residential units, four (4) geared traction elevators serve the East and West parking garages and two (2) standard, in-ground hydraulic elevators serve 26,000 sq. ft. of office space. There is also 31,000 sq. ft of ground floor retail space.

The building also features 8 townhouse units at the ground level, a landscaped deck and swimming pool for residents.

Construction began in Fall 2005 and the project was completed in late 2006.

Project Info

Service Type

New Construction



Project Type

Mixed Use, Offices, Residential

Equipment Type



Jersey City, NJ

Completion Year



$92 Million