MIT Site 3

VDA is working with Perkins + Will Architects (Boston) and MITIMCO (MIT Investment Management Company) to provide full design and construction services for fourteen (14) new passenger/service elevators to be installed to serve the building. This project will combine new and existing structures, reflecting both the history of Kendall Square in Cambridge and MIT’s commitment for the future of innovation.

A mixed-use building, MIT Site 3 will incorporate the existing structure at 238 Main Street (known as the Kendall Building) with a 12-story addition providing new commercial laboratory and office spaces. At the main entrance, a front-to-back five-story atrium incorporating two (2) glass observation elevators will bring natural light inside the structure and will connect the lower masses of the existing building and the new addition. The building will also have elevators to underground parking being developed as part of the Kendall Square project.