Massachusetts State House, Boston

VDA initially performed an evaluation and study for the client to secure funding for the modernization at this location. Upon successfully completing our study and securing of funding we were selected to provide design services for the modernization / replacement of 23 units within the State House complex. Most of the elevators dated back to the 1950’s when the original elevators (which dated back to early 1900’s ) were replaced. We completely modernized the existing elevators while only retaining the guide rails, counterweight, and entrance frames. In addition, special attention was given to the finishes to emphasize the significance of the building and its historic classification. We utilized custom antique style dial indicators, cast fixture face-plates, bronze finishes, and paneled wood cab walls with stone and marble. In addition, we converted a non-functional bird-cage elevator that had been decommissioned for the last 20 years into a functional VRC (material lift) to be used to transport books within the State Library. We also designed a vertical wheelchair lift to fit in with the existing design of this historic building.