CUNA Mutual

VDA Elevator Consulting provided New Construction consulting services starting with Schematic Design, all the way through Construction Services.  This is a unique project as this building serves the internal business needs for training and dining of the entire CUNA Mutual campus in Madison WI.  In addition, there is a 450 seat auditorium that is used for CUNA employee training events as well as rented out to the community of Madison for different events at least once a month.  The design had to take into consideration various peak traffic times for each venue per floor plus the campus dining on floors 1,2 and 5 in addition to the peak traffic needs of loading and unloading a 450 seat Auditorium that is entered on the third floor.

There were also internal CUNA security requirements which were required and had to be accounted for in the vertical transportation design. The underground parking is utilized by both employees as well as the public who are attending an event in the auditorium.  VDA Elevator Consulting worked closely with both Epstein Uhen Architects along with CUNA ownership to help guide them through the entire design process.  The final design included one back-of-tower elevator serving all the floors, a second bank of elevators for the parking levels and a service elevator with front and rear openings and which needed its own specialized security design.

Otis was awarded the project and provided a first-class installation of six (6) Gen 2 overslung elevators with five (5) of them having custom interior cab designs.