Bank of America Tower

One Bryant Park or Bank of America Tower New York (NYC)

VDA provided full consulting services for the vertical transportation at Bank of America Tower.  This 2.1 million square foot, 54-story, ultra-energy-efficient building, which is the first high-rise office building to seek the LEED Platinum designation.

Bank of America Tower NYC uses translucent high-performance glass in floor-to-ceiling glazing to permit maximum sunlight in interior spaces, in addition to featuring ““floating”” floors to facilitate more even, healthful, and efficient heating and cooling. It captures and reuses all rainwater and wastewater, saving millions of gallons of precious water each year. A very high percentage of the buildings materials came from recycled and renewable source within 500 miles of New York City.

Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park was the first skyscraper in North America to achieve LEED Platinum certification and ranks among the most environmentally advanced skyscrapers in the world. The 2.35-million-square-foot, 51-story office tower was completed in 2010 and conceived with the vision of creating the highest quality modern workplace emphasizing daylight, fresh air, and an intrinsic connection to the outdoors.

One Bryant Park houses Bank of America’s global corporate and investment banking businesses, The Durst Organization’s corporate headquarters, and several other prestigious tenants. Notable features include an urban garden room, 4.6-megawatt combined heat and power plant, ice cooling system, building-wide water reclamation system, green roofs that utilize compost from tenant waste, state-of-the-art air filtration for exceptional indoor air quality, destination dispatch elevator controls, and dedicated backup emergency generators.

The project includes fifty-two (52) elevators and three (3) escalators to serve the NY headquarters of Bank of America Tower New York and other office tenants, along with a recreated Henry Miller’s Theater, which had been located on the site since 1918. There is also be an elevator to the transit mezzanine below ground.

The 54-story building, rising 945 feet above the west side of Sixth Avenue, between 42nd and 43rd Streets, was completed in 2009. The $1 billion project was co-developed by The Durst Organization and Bank of America, which has committed to a 20-year lease for 1.1 million square feet as their New York operations headquarters.