800 West Fulton Market

The development stands at 18 stories with 431,500 square feet and 35,000gsf of retail at the base level,  spanning the length of a city block.   This building was designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) and developed by Thor Equities.

VDA is providing consulting services related to the design and new construction of vertical transportation equipment to serve the building. Our scope included the design of Four (4) Hi-Rise Passenger Elevators, Four (4) Low Rise Passenger Elevators utilizing Destination Dispatching technology, One (1) Fire/Service Elevator, One (1) Lobby Shuttle elevator, One (1) Restaurant Shuttle Elevator and a single retail shuttle elevator.

800WFM will be a SMART building where many of the building’s interrelated systems such as HVAC, Lighting, Security Systems, and Elevators will be controlled and monitored through a single Building Automation System.  The high-rise and low-rise elevator banks will also be integrated with the building security system utilizing  Destination Dispatch Controls.   The cabs of these elevators will have glass walls which will provide a unique skyline view of Chicago.