VDA has been specializing in Consulting Services encompassing all phases of vertical transportation systems in both new and existing buildings.  Since its inception in late 1980, our mission has been to bring together industry professionals with in-depth experience providing New Construction, Modernization and Maintenance Evaluations for all types of elevators, escalators and other systems under one roof.

With a current professional workforce of 170, VDA is led by 2 working Principals, 5 Regional Vice Presidents, 10 Vice Presidents, and team consisting of 69 consultants and 30 field/design engineers.  They are supported by 54 Administrative, Accounting and Marketing personnel. The strength of our firm is in each individual bringing a necessary and relevant set of skills, knowledge and experience to the table; ultimately adding to the success of your project and our clients. Together our team earns VDA the recognition as the leader in Elevator Consulting Services.