166 People

We represent 12 different countries and together speak 7 different languages. VDA’s professional staff comprises of 166 includes 3 working principals, 1 director, 10 Vice Presidents, 5 Regional Vice Presidents, 67 Elevator Consultants and Vertical Transportation consultants and 30 Field/Design Engineers, who are supported by 50 marketing, accounting, and administrative personnel.

Comprehensive Services

VDA is an Elevator Consultant offering comprehensive design and engineering services for elevators, escalators, moving walks, dumbwaiters and lift systems in new and existing structures. 

Our staff is dedicated to meeting clients’ needs for vertical transportation consulting services. In addition to our NJ headquarters, we maintain branch offices conveniently located to our major client markets, and are continually looking for highly qualified people to expand our geographic capabilities.

Besides strengthening our own qualifications, the VDA team calls on its personnel resources and industry depth to develop and conduct courses offering continuing education credit for AIA members.