Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects are Awarded the Institute Honor Award for Architecture

June 17, 2016

New York’s Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects oversaw a massive renovation of the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Because of their outstanding efforts the firm has been awarded the 2016 Institute Honor Award for Architecture.

This delicate renovation has been in process for more than 3 years. Decorative columns were cracked, mechanical elements had become outdated, and the facade of the building had darkened. All of this called for a comprehensive restoration, the building’s first since the 1940s, that drew in nearly 200 specialists and outside consultants at a total cost of $177 million.

VDA was honored to be a part of this needed renovation where we conducted due diligence surveys, feasibility studies, and provided consulting services for the design through construction of two (2) wheelchair lifts, one (1) sidewalk elevator, one (1) dumbwaiter two (2) passenger elevators and one (1) new elevator in the previously existing hoist-way.

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