Modernization Services – Avoid Shutdowns and Building Inconveniences

September 2, 2021

Modernization Services

Avoid Shutdowns and Building Inconveniences

Avoiding elevator shutdowns is a key to running a successful building. Everyone feels pain when an elevator is “Out of Order”. Implement a process of evaluation and capital planning.  All factors must be taken into consideration.  VDA develops customized “Elevator Modernization Plans,” for you.  They not only upgrades your equipment, but minimizes the inconvenience.  Performing modernization creates upheaval and inconvenience for your tenants.

Choose the right Contractor

One key component is ensuring that the best Elevator Contractor is chosen for your modernization and building needs.  By pro-actively planning this will reduce the inconvenience to your tenants during modernization. Having established relationships with multiple vendors to obtain quality bidding accurate to the specification on the modernization project, is always a cost-effective way to start the project successfully.

Equipment Longevity

The typical life expectancy of an elevator or escalator system is between 20-25 years.  Life cycle can vary depending on the type of facility you have, volume of usage, the environment it operates within, and many other factors.  There will come a time when your equipment needs to be modernized.

Advancement in Technology

It is important to keep up with technological advancements, local building code requirements, tenant demands, as well as stay ahead of the life cycle of the elevator/escalator equipment. A well-thought-out modernization program will provide a sensible long-term investment strategy that will meet your capital expenditure planning.

Proper Planning

A properly planned Elevator Modernization program must be holistic in nature, as it will likely affect other Buildings Systems such as Life Safety, HVAC, Emergency Power etc… The key is to identify these Building Systems that will be impacted during the planning phase so that there are no surprises at the end of the project.

A well-planned Modernization will improve the overall performance and traffic handling capacities of the Elevator System.  It will increase the building’s value by delivering a nice return on your investment.  VDA will provide you with the expertise required to get you and your tenants the most State-of-the-Art and cost-effective modernization program available.

VDA’s phased approach starts with providing a complete assessment of your equipment’s condition. We will then provide you with a detailed report identifying the most cost-effective options.  We will consider the owner’s investment strategy.  Our goal is to bring you peace of mind throughout this Modernization process.  A best-in-class end-user experience.

Originating in New York/New Jersey with a current headquarters in East Hanover, our client relationships have benefited from these services during our (40) plus year history.  Over the last 40+ years, VDA has developed industry knowledge and experience, that is available to our clients.  We help ensure that you achieve the best possible modernization plan.  Today, we provide modernization services across the country.  With Branch Offices existing in most major markets, VDA is only a step away from providing our clients with the expert recommendations they need.

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