Improving Your Elevators Hygiene

April 30, 2020

From the Desk of: Brian Pacheco – Area Manager – Boston

Improving your Elevators Hygiene

VDA would like to pass along some thoughts concerning “Improving your Elevator Hygiene”, with regards to Elevators in an Existing Building. These suggestions may help you deal with some of the Social Distancing challenges that you are currently experiencing in your building.

As you know, we are in a new world now and we need to consider new alternatives in how we will operate our buildings going forward. Maintaining a “Germ Free” cab interior is almost impossible to sustain on most elevators.

So, what are some reasonable options that you can consider?

• Cover the Buttons: : A transparent plastic sheet can be placed over the buttons to allow for easy sanitizing. This will also protect the controls from harsh chemicals. These sheets should be changed regularly to be effective. (Always confirm that the vision impaired can still utilize braille adjacent to buttons)

• Use a Stylus Device to Push the Buttons to Eliminate Human Contact: Reduces skin contact with the button surface.

• Install Touch Screen Car Push Button Stations: Just like your cell phone screen, these are much easier to clean, and appears very modern and attractive.

• Install Card Reader/Fob Device: If your security system is capable and your elevator controller is compatible, you can install a proximity device that will allow you to set up pre-programmed hall and car calls, without ever touching the buttons.

• Elevator Exhaust Fans and Ventilation Should be Maximized: Typically, the exhaust blower pulls air from near the floor area and exhausts the air through the cab ceiling. Fans should be kept on the highest setting and continue running to help refresh the cabin air.

• Clean your Buttons, Don’t Damage Them: Read your owner’s manual for proper cleaning methods. Never spray the cleaning solution directly on the buttons. Spray the cloth and then wipe the buttons and panel.

• Seamless “Touch Free” Entry on Destination Dispatch: Institute seamless entry at the lobby in which each person’s profile would have a home floor, so they would swipe at the touchpad at the lobby without having to physically touch any buttons. (Applicable to compatible systems with this feature). New technologies such as Bluetooth and mobile Apps are in development now we would expect these technologies to become more important as time progresses.

Remember, that every building and elevator can present a different set of circumstances, so please give us a call to discuss your situation and we will be glad to help you navigate through this process.

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