Floor Buildout / Remodel Guidance

October 22, 2020

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From the desk of: David Fried – New York City

Did you know that…

A Floor Buildout or Remodel can present many complications for our Clients
that could require VDA’s help and guidance.

There are several things that you need to be aware of when you have a Floor Buildout or Remodel that
is in close proximity to the Elevator Lobby Equipment. It does not matter if it is the Main Floor Lobby or
the lobby on any Typical Floor. During a Remodel or a Floor Buildout, there is a high likelihood that the
elevators will be affected.

So, how can VDA help our Clients avoid hazards, violations, delays, excessive expense, and unnecessary

By getting VDA involved on the front end, these issues can be minimized.

Here are just a few questions that need to be asked and answered.

  • Who is defining the extent of the required Elevator Scope of Work for the project?
  • Is the Elevator Maintenance Contractor aware of this project and are they on-board?
  • How do you avoid getting hit with Multiple Change Orders throughout the project?
  • Is the elevator service being disconnected on any floor, while this work is being performed?
  • Will this work meet Fire, Local, and Handicapped Code requirements when completed?
  • How will the Elevator Hall Doors and Frames be impacted?
  • How much abuse will the elevator equipment be exposed to, and who will be responsible for it?

There are numerous other questions that our Clients need to consider as well. Far too many to cover
them all here. Besides, every project is different. Remember, if you do not plan properly, you could be
leaving a considerable amount of money out of your project budget. Planning and Coordination are key. You know the old saying: “Fail to Prepare…Prepare to Fail”. Often it’s what appears to be the simplest of projects, that turns out to be the most difficult.

Let VDA provide you with one of our Highly Experienced Elevator Consultants to help you navigate
through this often-difficult process.

You will be glad that you did!

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