Client Testimonial – Steven Oakley

January 14, 2020

VDA Client Testimonial Center

Contact: Steven Oakley – Stonehill Taylor

What our clients have to say about us…

I have had the pleasure of working with VDA over the past three decades on a wide variety of projects from corporate and speculative office buildings to mixed use urban developments to include mixed retail, hospitality, office, and residential programs. We have been working seamlessly with Tom Nelson on projects in NYC. We started before his relocation to Charlotte. His location in Charlotte has been very beneficial with the planned InterContinental Hotel at North Tryon and East 6th Street above the FFTC podium. VDA provides comprehensive vertical transportation consulting services starting with peak demand service analysis to assisting the owner, general contractor, and elevator subcontractor with the review of manufacturer submittals and verification of installation performance.

Steven Oakley AIA
Stonehill Taylor

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