Aren’t all Elevator Maintenance Agreements the Same?

September 24, 2020

From the Desk of Mark Prevot

Aren’t all Elevator Maintenance Agreements the Same?

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be getting billed for everything under the sun, while you
have an Elevator Maintenance Agreement in place and your making monthly payments?

A properly written Maintenance Agreement should not only cover the Monthly Maintenance, but also
almost all other callbacks/issues that you encounter between visits.

When an owner signs a standard Maintenance Agreement, that is written by the Elevator Contractor,
typically that document is written in the Elevator Contractors favor. Afterall, they wrote it. So why
wouldn’t it be written in their favor?

VDA can provide you with a “Custom Written” Elevator Maintenance Agreement that provides you with
the following:

  • Specific Maintenance Task that are clearly defined that are mandatory each month.
  • Fixed Monthly Pricing that includes Overtime and Travel Time, if desired.
  • Clearly defined contract “Term” that does not automatically renew.
  • Clearly defined Response Times, for Normal and Overtime hours.
  • Cancellation Clause for Non-Performance, Change in Ownership or Modernization.
  • Clearly defined Obsolescence Clause.
  • Established Billing Rates.
  • Reasonable Annual Maintenance Cost Increase language.
  • Specified Minimum Performance times tailored to your elevator equipment.
  • Plus, Much Much More.

There are going to be instances, where the Elevator Contract is entitled to additional billing. It’s very
hard to stop that, but that should be the very rare exception and not the norm.

A VDA custom written Elevator Maintenance Agreement will help protect both your elevator, and your
investment. VDA Elevator Consultants can work with you and your team to develop the best possible
Maintenance Agreement to meet your facility’s needs. VDA will help guide you through this process, so
that you get exactly what you need, at the best possible price, and you receive the performance and
reliability that you desire.

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