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Elevator/Escalator Modernization – Keeping up with technological advancement, local building code requirements, tenant demands and trying most importantly to stay ahead of the life cycle for elevator/escalator equipment, a modernization program will provide a prudent long term investment strategy to support capital expenditure planning.  The typical life expectancy of an elevator or escalator is between 20-25 years.  This number can vary depending on the building, equipment’s utilization, equipment type, the surrounding environment and many other factors.  Inevitably, there will come a time when this equipment will need to be modernized.  A modernization program can be holistic in nature or in part dependent upon the investment term and overall expectancy of equipment sustainability.  Improving overall performance and traffic handling capacities through a modernization program will increase a building’s value with a nice return on investment.  VDA can complete the necessary steps with expertise in order to provide the most intelligent and cost effective modernization program to suit your buildings needs and tenant expectations.  VDA’s phased approach starts with providing a complete assessment of equipment’s current condition followed by our expertise through reporting which will outline the most cost-effective options that will align with the owner’s investment strategy.  Finally, completing a technical specification customized to the building and its equipment profile will bring peace of mind and a best in class end-user experience.  With branch offices existing in most major markets, VDA is a step away from providing our clients with the expert recommendations they need. 

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