Partnerships With All Parties Of A Project is Vital

September 3, 2020

From the desk of: Gary Engelman – Midwest Region Associate

Do you know that…

Working with an elevator contractor does not have to be contentious….

In fact, VDA prides itself on creating a team approach between Owner/Manager, Consultant, and Contractor. We believe that when there is a partnership formed, we can help facilitate the best service/capitol project/etc… for the end-user.

VDA offers several different services depending on the client’s needs. Specifically, our Maintenance Monitoring Service promotes regular communication between all parties and regular Equipment Audits to ensure the ongoing service program is meeting the needs of our clients, as well as assisting your Elevator Service Provider with delivering exceptional service results 

We act as your communication conduit, allowing you to get to the proper people of influence, within the Major Elevator Manufactures, so that your issues get resolved quickly. 

VDA’s job is to make your life easier. We provide our clients with the knowledge to understand exactly what their current situation is, and we provide them with solutions to correct all issues swiftly and affordably.

VDA has over 3,000 Years of Combined Industry knowledge accumulated from our 130+ Elevator Professionals.  When you think of Elevators, think of VDA and we will make your problems go away.  

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