During the 60’s, Bell Labs, located in Holmdel NJ, was once a Research and Development facility that employed over 6,000 engineers and researchers. They were responsible for inventing the cordless phone, the cell phone, and the satellite phones used by US Armed Forces. At only 55 years old, Bell Labs has been deemed a national treasure and was added to the US Parks Service National Landmark Registry.

This property is 2 Million square feet and has been one of the largest unused spaces in America for the past 6 years. Its size is the equivalent of the Empire State Building if you were to lay it on its side.

With VDA’s assistance, the building is going through an adaptive reuse process, that will include modernizing thirteen (13) passenger elevators and five (5) freight elevators as well as the addition of two (2) exterior elevators that are being added to the north and south entrances.

The master plan for the redevelopment includes a health and wellness center, skilled nursing facilities, offices, a hotel, restaurants, assisted living facilities, retail, and a 20,000-square-foot public library. These renovations may add upwards of ten (10) new elevators in addition to the already existing eighteen (18) units. This redevelopment project is expected to contribute to a rebirth of the Central New Jersey area by creating a surplus of new job opportunities.

This New Construction/Modernization project will be handled by our Cherry Hill branch office, with Dale Goodman being in charge of all the new installations. The construction of this building will contribute to a rebirth of many new job opportunities within the area.