Full Maintenance Agreements Monitoring Best Practices

July 29, 2021

From the Desk of Jas Kochar

Full Maintenance Agreements and Maintenance Monitoring Best Practices

Avoiding elevator shutdowns is the key to running a successful building. Everyone feels the pain when an elevator is “Out of Order”. Occasionally, a scheduled shutdown is necessary to perform proper maintenance. The key is, to implement a program, where all the potential factors are taken into consideration.  VDA will develop a customized robust “Elevator Maintenance Agreement” for you, that not only protects your equipment, but minimizes the inconvenience that performing maintenance creates for your tenants. Over the last 40+ years, VDA has developed a vast pool of industry knowledge and experience, that is available to help you ensure that you achieve the best possible maintenance and repair plan for your building. 

One key component is, ensuring that your Elevator Contractor is maintaining a diverse parts inventory for your specific make and model of equipment.  By pro-actively ordering and storing parts onsite, and in their local warehouse, this will reduce the down time of any unit. A properly written Full Maintenance Agreement, can include parts inventory requirements, that ensures that your best interests are being protected. A quality service provider must anticipate component failure and keep the most frequently used parts readily available for immediate use, replenishing the depleted inventory quickly.  Having established relationships with multiple vendors to obtain quality required parts and components, is always a cost effective and proactive plan for any Elevator Contractor. Being at the mercy of having to solely rely on the Original Equipment Manufacturer for parts, can make life difficult. 

Performance is directly tied to the Maintenance that each unit receives.  Without proper maintenance, elevators/escalators will perform unreliably, creating entrapments and shutdowns, resulting in unnecessary disruptions for tenants and added liability for building owners.

A VDA custom written Maintenance Agreement will be written in your favor and tailored to meet your needs, while protecting your investment. We are very aware of the pitfalls and games that are encountered within the industry. Too often, companies offer their “Standard Maintenance Agreements” that are written in their favor, and do not have your best interest at heart. A custom written VDA Maintenance Agreement will provide you with the peace of mind to know that your equipment will perform to your expectations, and that your investment will be protected so that you can enjoy its maximum useful life.

VDA also offers “Maintenance Monitoring Services” which is a “Concierge” type of service designed to help manage your elevators for you. VDA can be responsible for monitoring call backs, reviewing/confirming billing, apply for certificates, coordinating inspections, following up on violations, and so much more. VDA will assume these tedious burdens for you, so that you can deal with more pressing issues.

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