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Building owners are required to ensure complete safety and accountability of the vertical transport systems in their properties, and these include elevators and escalators. The best way to do this is by adhering to the regulations that have been set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

VDA is an elevator consulting service provider. We make sure that all projects for vertical transportation systems meet the regulations and standards in the industry. In addition, we have 30 offices countrywide, making it possible for us to provide elevator service in West Des Moines, among other locations.

What Causes Elevators to Break Down?

The following are reasons why elevators break down:

  • Lack of Maintenance – Most elevator breakdowns can be prevented through routine maintenance. Regular inspections allow service technicians to identify parts such as sheaves that need replacement or repairs.
  • Power Failure – Power outages are some of the most common causes of an elevator malfunction. Elevators can stop functioning as a result of short-circuiting and excessive or inadequate voltage. These issues interfere with motor operation, and can also cause elevator system damage.
  • Contamination – Because of wear, tiny particles find themselves in the oil. This may cause an elevator to malfunction. Likewise, improper lubrication can result in contamination.

Common Elevator Problems

Some of the most common problems with elevators are:

  • Worn Sheaves – Sheaves are pulleys found in roped elevators. Traction ropes are attached to the car then looped around the sheaves. When the sheaves are rotated, the car moves. And when the grooves around the sheaves wear down, ropes are unable to fit properly, compromising the movement of the elevator car.
  • Noisy Bearings – Vibrations in the motor cause noisy bearings. Even though variable frequency drives help decrease the energy of the motor, they introduce a dangerous byproduct capable of increasing the vibrations to damaging levels through untimely bearing wear as a result of stray current.

Constant malfunctioning results in a lot of downtimes, which affects the productivity of those using or in the building. It also puts their safety at risk. VDA helps building owners to avoid these occurrences by ensuring all the elevator services they receive adhere to OSHA regulations. This maintains smooth operation and helps avoid unnecessary accidents.

What are the Federal Regulations Concerning Elevator and Escalator Maintenance?

OSHA has put in place several regulations to ensure safety when using elevators and escalators. The regulations include:

  • All lifts and escalators should be inspected at least once every year. Also, elevator inspectors should conduct monthly inspections to maintain satisfactory operation.
  • Records showing results of all the latest inspections should be posted in the elevator, where it’s visible to all users.
  • Maximum load limits are to be posted in conspicuous places, on the inside and outside of the elevator.
  • All elevator landing openings should be protected by a gate or doors to prevent accidents where users fall into the shaft.

Hire Experienced Consultants

At VDA, we have been working on elevator and escalator systems for more than three decades. Our professionals comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations when designing and overseeing elevator maintenance projects. This provides clients with the superior services they deserve. If you need elevator service in West Des Moines give us a call today on 973-994-9220.

elevator service West Des Moines

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elevator service West Des Moines

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