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Many private residences are now having elevator systems installed. A home elevator increases property value, aids in functionality, and enhances safety. It also makes a style statement. Today, getting a private lift has become more affordable thanks to numerous innovations over the years. However, many homeowners lack information on the channels to follow before having one installed in their homes.

VDA works alongside developers, engineers, and architects on new construction projects across the country. Through our involvement, all regulations and existing laws are adhered to. We do this through code analysis and checking for ADA compliance. So, if you’re looking for elevator service in Waukee Iowa, our skilled and experienced consultants are here for you.

Do You Need a Permit to Install a Private Home Elevator?

Whether or not you need a permit to have an elevator in your home depends on your state of residence. You should, therefore, check the local regulations to be on the safe side. More often than not, you’ll find there are strict regulations for commercial and residential buildings that don’t apply to private homes.

It’s also important to have inspections done, whether required by the law or not. These should be carried out both before and after construction as a safety measure.

After installation, some parts, such as the buttons, may wear out and disrupt the smooth operation of the elevator. Timely maintenance ensures continued comfort, operational efficiency, and safety.

What Factors Should You Consider When Installing a Home Elevator?

If you want to have an elevator in your home, you should consider the following:

  • Construction Requirements – There are different types of home elevators, and each of them has unique requirements. To adhere to the requirements, you should consult a qualified contractor during the planning of a new home. The contractor will advise you accordingly, for instance, concerning space.
  • The Finishing – You have the option of getting a customized finishing for the inside of your elevator car. That allows you to match its look with the rest of your home decor.
  • Safety and Construction Requirements – There are various safety and construction requirements for elevators. For example, having doors at landings is an important safety measure. The elevator car should also have an overhead room at the top landing, with a pit at the bottom. These are adhered to when constructing the hoist-way in accordance to the elevator model specifications.

How to Choose a Home Elevator

Here are things to keep in mind when shopping for a home elevator:

  • Test – Before buying any lift, you should get a chance to ride in it. That'll give you an idea of how smoothly and quietly, it will work.
  • Manufacturers – For guaranteed quality, go for manufacturers with a reputation of providing reliable and quality elevators. You should avoid compromising safety and functionality based on cost.

Safety First

It’s crucial to take all the necessary measures required to ensure your lift operates safely at all times. By consulting the experts at VDA for your home elevator service in Waukee Iowa, you can be assured that all the safety standards will be upheld. Call us today on 973-994-9220 for more information about installing an elevator in your home.

elevator service Waukee Iowa

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elevator service Waukee Iowa

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