Elevator Service Santa Monica

The elevator or escalator is the heart of any building. Whether you are planning new construction or need to review and update your current vertical transportation needs, you need professional help from a reliable elevator service in Santa Monica. An elevator engineer or design specialist will assess your needs and provide you with the information you need to ensure successful results. We are one of the largest elevator consulting firms with offices across the country.

Do We Need to Modernize Our Elevators?

If you own or operate a building, you know that expectations, needs, and technology are all changing at a fast pace. Your tenants and customers may require more efficiency when they travel inside the building. When you update or modernize your elevator system, you will improve elevator service in Santa Monica and improve operations throughout the building. Our experts will survey your existing equipment and analyze traffic to provide you with a recommendation, along with cost estimates. We will also review the drawings, assist with contractor pre-qualification, and oversee the entire project from start to completion.

Maintenance Quality Control Evaluation

One of the major concerns of most building owners is the safety and competency of the elevators. Our elevator service in Santa Monica provides maintenance quality control evaluation that includes a comprehensive review of your overall level of maintenance. We measure the actual operating performance compared with recommended standards and review mandated testing dates. Then, we provide you with a report that itemizes deficiencies and gives you recommendations for improvement from our team of experts. We help you determine ways to make your internal vertical transportation options more up-to-date and efficient.

What New Construction Elevator Services Do You Provide?

As a leading consulting company for elevator service in Santa Monica, construction industry professionals count on our experience and expertise. We provide several services including theoretical traffic analysis, application engineering, mechanical, electrical and structural loads, performance specifications and layout drawings, budget estimates, shop drawing review, and complete project management. We will check for progress with regular visits, evaluate punch list items, and final acceptance. We will handle every need throughout the installation and acceptance process. We ensure that your new elevators get installed correctly and within budget.

Call VDA for Elevator Service in Santa Monica

We established Van Deusen & Associates, VDA, in 1980 and quickly expanded to become one of the leading elevator consulting services in the country. We have more than 160 employees with more than 67 consultants and 30 engineers and design consultants. Our team is proud to provide you with the latest information and technology available for vertical transportation. Our professional team has licensing and certification to conduct elevator inspections. We also hold memberships in many national and international elevator associations. Our team consistently takes part in workshops and informative seminars to learn about the latest technology and trends. We are proud to offer high-quality elevator services in Santa Monica and across the country. Call us for your maintenance concerns, modernization needs, and new construction vertical transportation requirements.


Elevator Service Santa Monica

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Elevator Service Santa Monica

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