Elevator Service Palm Springs

Your building’s elevators are the heart of the structure. You need to ensure that you have a high-quality vertical transportation system installed to meet the needs of the occupants, tenants, and guests. At VDA, we provide comprehensive elevator service in Palm Springs and across the country. Our team of expert designers and engineers are available to assist you with all your elevator requirements, including contract administration, equipment evaluation, maintenance quality control evaluation, modernization, new construction, and more.

How Can We Improve The Function Of the Elevators?

If you are a building owner or manager, you know that taking care of your vertical transportation systems is essential. At VDA, we will assist you in making sure that your elevator system is working optimally and that you have the latest and most efficient equipment. Our comprehensive quality control evaluation is the best way to determine your current and future needs. Our assessment gives you an overall level of performance. We measure actual operating performance and compare it with the recommended standards. Then, our professional engineer provides you with an itemized deficiency report that includes recommendations for improvement. We offer elevator service in Palm Springs and across the region.

Elevator Modernization

Over time, new technology creates options that make elevators more efficient. If you have an older building that does not have new elevators, you may require an upgrade. At VDA, we can assess the condition of your current elevators and give you recommendations for modernization. We include a traffic analysis so you can evaluate the review, and our report provides cost estimates. Then, we will review contract documents, assist with contractor pre-qualification, and look at shop drawings. Our elevator service in Palm Springs is comprehensive, and we oversee the entire upgrade process, including progress visits, punch list evaluation, and final acceptance and project close-out.

What Program Management Services Do You Provide?

At VDA, we are a full-service elevator consultation company. We offer complete program management services for any vertical transportation project. We prepare the timeline, interface with the trades responsible for specific tasks, review drawings and specifications, ensure that deliverables are on track, and monitor the project from start to completion. Our team has the qualifications to inspect elevators; we know the essentials for permitting. Throughout the process, we keep the job on track and in the budget and handle all of the day-to-day needs of the installation. Once the job is complete, we ensure that the owner is completely satisfied with the job.

About VDA

With almost 40 years in the business, VDA is a leading elevator consulting company. We offer comprehensive elevator service in Palm Springs and across the country. We have more than 30 offices in the United States, with more than 166 employees. Our team of engineers and designers has the knowledge and experience necessary to handle all types of elevator jobs, large or small. Our engineers continue to obtain updated information and provide our customers with the latest equipment updates and industry trends. Contact VDA today for all your elevator installation, upgrade, and maintenance needs.

Elevator Service Palm Springs

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Elevator Service Palm Springs

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