Elevator Service Oceanside

Elevator service in Oceanside keeps your visitors, tenants, customers, and clients moving and happy. VDA has clients across the globe ready to help you implement the best maintenance and elevator system for your building. Our experienced consultants help with design, implementation, and service.

When should I service my elevator?

Inspections occur on an annual basis. If your system is not up to par with the standards of at least the Technical Safety and Service Act, your inspection will fail. This leads to fines and restricts movement between or even within floors.

Maintenance must happen with enough time to resolve any issues that adversely impact your ability to stay open and operate appropriately. Completing an inspection yearly is recommended.

Is elevator service costly?

Your company spends tens of thousands of dollars to install and replace or install elevator equipment. The average system runs between $28000 and $30000.

Technicians charge $120 for a service call which includes the cost of inspection. Service is up to $75 per hour on average. Our technicians are skilled experts who also offer continuing education for AIA members.

Can an elevator consultant reduce the cost of my elevator service?

Consultants know the best way to configure and install vertical elevators in your building. Every structure presents unique history, vision, and challenges to overcome.

The experts at VDA help you from design to care with an understanding of plans, parts, and equipment. We help keep costs down and your building generating revenue. Nothing is worse than losing customers due to difficulty in reaching a space.

Can I perform any inspections or maintenance on my own?

There are many simple tasks that can be completed daily to prevent and help find issues before they become more costly. From the elevator car to the equipment room, you or your team can help to prevent more disastrous situations.

The moment you walk into the building, you can check to ensure that elevator cars are even with the floor. Keeping the equipment room clean while looking for oil leaks is another small yet worthwhile chore. If you discover anything out of the ordinary, immediately contact a service technician and even a regulator.

What are the unique challenges to elevator maintenance in Oceanside?

Oceanside is humid. The air is more corrosive due to the coastal climate. Cables and equipment require vigilance to maintain. Beware of rust and other factors that will lead to major incidents if left unchecked.

We help our customers overcome any challenge. With a presence in deserts, mountains, temperate, and coastal zones, our staff is well-versed in spotting and resolving problems.

Elevator service in Oceanside

Oceanside is practically a paradise. Your visitors, tenants, and clients will thoroughly enjoy a well-maintained elevator to a spectacular view.

VDA helps with designs, plans, and service throughout the lifetime of your system. Keeping your elevators maintained is not only necessary but required. We work hard to keep costs low and your equipment functional. Get in touch today for a review of your systems and plans.

Elevator Service Oceanside

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Elevator Service Oceanside

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