Elevator Service New York

When an elevator isn’t operating properly, it’s a major inconvenience, and it becomes impossible for some people to access certain parts of the building without it. It’s crucial to ensure your elevator functions optimally by enlisting New York elevator Services from the leading elevator companies in New York.

Elevators require regular maintenance services and upgrades. According to experts, an elevator should be checked as well as maintained at least twice every year. At VDA, when you hire us, our trained NY elevator contractor will frequently maintain your elevators and investigate if all the components are functioning correctly.

Our Elevator Maintenance Services

Proper maintenance is critical to the performance of your elevators. At VDA, as one of the best New York elevator companies, we believe in ongoing, scheduled elevator maintenance to protect your investment and prevent costly breakdowns in the future. With our code-compliant maintenance programs, you can be sure that your elevators will always be properly maintained and operating at the highest safety levels. This, to us, is a priority.

  • Call Back Monitoring and Review

Call back monitoring and review are important. They help our elevator service company know how your elevators are performing. That includes checking the wait times of tenants once they push the elevator button and the stopping procedure of the elevator. It also entails making sure the phones inside your elevators are all in working order. Our aim is to minimize as much as possible the frequency of both unplanned and controllable service outages. In case your elevator isn’t working as it ought to, you should give us a call, and our technicians will investigate and then resolve the problem in the shortest time possible.

  • Inspection Scheduling and Violation Follow Up

We provide inspection scheduling services for various types of elevators to ensure your equipment complies with the applicable elevator codes. That means we will ensure your elevators are maintained properly to operate safely. Inspections check if the system is correctly installed, properly functioning, and safe for different climatic conditions. Through our inspection services, we’ll be able to identify any violations so that they can be rectified without delay.

  • Elevator Maintenance Contract

Elevator violations can be quite costly, and that’s why elevator maintenance is crucial considering disgruntled tenants, the cost of elevator disruption, and liability to the owner. The assurance that comes with a maintenance plan from a licensed and reputable elevator company can never be overemphasized.

At VDA, our clients can have peace of mind knowing that the maintenance contract we draft will be customized to meet your particular needs. We are highly equipped and responsive to ensure we maintain your elevators efficiently.

Dedicated Elevator Maintenance Experts

Our team of highly experienced and trained elevator experts rolls up their sleeves daily to see to it that all our client’s elevators are operating optimally. To ensure that we offer nothing less than the best New York Elevator services, we continue to invest in the most advanced processes and equipment. We’re dedicated to keeping people on the move more reliably, safely, and efficiently. Contact VDA for commercial elevator design installation, and elevator and escalator consulting on 973-994-9220.

Elevator Service New York

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Elevator Service New York

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