Elevator Service Long Beach

Elevator service in Long Beach keeps your customers happy and your clients, tenants, and others moving to the top floor. VDA is a global elevator service company with the skills and people to keep your system functioning smoothly.

Why should I service my elevator?

Elevator companies know how to find potential problems before an inspector. We help your building avoid revocation of a certificate of operation.

The Technical Standards and Safety Act requires you to report issues immediately. It is possible to lose the privilege to operate your system for any failure. Service replaces problematic parts, finds issues, and spots ways to improve your elevator.

Is there any way I can perform preventative maintenance for my elevator?

It is possible to avoid major issues with due diligence. Your elevator is made of dumbwaiters, pulleys, cars, cables, rails, brakes. Not unlike a car, these require regular service.

Keeping your equipment room clean, spotting leaks, listening for squeaking brakes, and checking that the car is level with the floor will ensure that you quickly respond to potential issues. Maintaining an elevator is not unlike servicing an automobile.

How often should I have my elevator serviced?

Inspections occur once every year. Servicing an elevator should occur before inspection. This will get your system operating efficiently.

We recommend servicing your elevator once every year. Our experts are not only capable of finding potential liabilities but teach continuing education classes to AIA members. Let our professionals perform regular maintenance.

What is the cost of elevator service?

A service call typically costs $120. The overall cost of parts and labor is $75 per hour. Brakes wear out, cables corrode, and gears lose their grip. It is necessary to report any problems to the TSSA immediately and fix your elevator as soon as possible.

Service costs much less than replacing a system. Commercial elevators run between $28000 and $30000 with some being over $50000 to purchase and install. Avoiding replacements and complete shutdown of service is a necessity in modern multi-story buildings.

Do I need to maintain a residential elevator?

The city of Long Beach is a mix of commercial and residential. Elevators are an excellent way to reach your loft or condominium. They help the elderly and disabled stay at home.

Residential elevators require the same service as their commercial counterparts. Many small buildings use the same systems. Yearly maintenance is a must as a failure is devastating.

Elevator service in Long Beach

Elevator service is the most important part of ownership. We help keep our clients functioning around the world. Your system is a vital part of your building. Tenants, clients, residents, customers, and visitors demand an easy solution to reach the upper floors.

We have over 160 staff across the world taking care of over 4300 projects. Our thirty field technicians carefully examine every component. We understand elevators. Get in touch with our experts today to schedule a service appointment or review plans before presenting them to officials today.

Elevator Service Long Beach

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Elevator Service Long Beach

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