Elevator Service Irvine

Elevator service in Irvine allows you to continue providing excellent service to your tenants, clients, customers, and residents. Elevators are a significant liability for any building with governments requiring regular inspection. VSA has employees across the globe working on over 4300 projects to keep systems in peak condition.

How complex is an elevator?

Gears, pulleys, dumbwaiters, and cables help carry your valued clientele, family, and yourself from point-to-point. Corrosion, wear, and weathering occur in any mechanical device.

A single failure can have devastating consequences. The Technical Standards and Safety Act seeks to ensure that every part of your system runs efficiently.

Why should I hire a technician?

Elevator service companies know the ins and outs of your system. We find problems before they become major issues or catch the eye of an inspector with the ability to perform a shutdown.

We have over 160 qualified personnel ready to help with drafting, installation, and maintenance. Our technicians are not only qualified but also teach continuing education classes to AIA members. Expertise is everything as service calls average $120 per visit and $75 per hour for parts and labor.

 When should I service my elevator?

Inspections occur annually. Qualified government employees check equipment for potentially fatal flaws. If your system appears unmaintained or incapable of handling the stated capacity, shutdowns are likely.

We recommend servicing your elevator yearly prior to an inspection. An elevator service company near you does more than check to ensure that the car is level with the floor.

What can I do to ensure that my elevator functions?

Preventative maintenance is a key part of any system. It is possible to avoid major repairs before the written lifespan of a part.

Clean your equipment room. Look for leaks. Keep your cables insulated from the elements. Call an inspector or technician whenever anything is out of place. The TSSA requires you to call an inspector whenever anything is amiss.

What is the cost of a replacement part for my elevator?

Replacement parts are less expensive than a new system. Commercial elevators for a two-story building run between $28000 and $30000 with many luxury systems available for more than $50000. Systems spanning more than two stories are more expensive.

Parts and labor cost $75 per hour of installation time. This is a much lower expense then a major repair or the replacement of your entire system. Regular service is much more effective.

Elevator Service in Irvine

Elevator service is practically a requirement. Annual inspections can shut down an entire system. Equally regular service repairs parts before a major catastrophe.

The experts at VSA have thousands of projects of experience. We bring knowledge and quality to every project. From drafting and installation to repair and replacement our technicians can keep your elevator functioning. Whether you run an apartment, skyscraper, school, mall, or are operating a system from the comfort of your home, we can help.

Get in touch with our experts today to find out how we can help keep your elevator running.

Elevator Service Irvine

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Elevator Service Irvine

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