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When it comes to contracting services for any major project, there are many factors to consider. For instance, there’s quality to worry about, and prices to negotiate. Project milestones, budgets, and completion deadlines have to be set and in the best-case scenario, adhered to. Business owners who hire contractors for various jobs also need to bring in consultants to ensure everything goes according to plan.

That’s what we do at VDA. We offer consulting services in regard to vertical transportation systems to ensure efficient operation and long-term safety. Our professional consultants have extensive experience in working in the construction, engineering, architecture, and management industries. This makes us one of the best firms to come to when you need elevator service in Iowa City.

Elevator Consultants

Elevator Consultants work with business owners to make sure that contractors are adhering to the contract terms. They check the functioning of the elevator equipment to confirm that it meets the standards expected by the client. These consultants cover areas such as maintenance, repairs, new constructions, modernization, and safety specifications.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Elevator Consultant?

When you hire an elevator consultant, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Saves Money and Time – A consultant makes sure that each contractor offers quality and lasting installation, upgrades, and repair services. They can identify unfavorable contracts that may not include vital maintenance work. In that way, building managers will avoid spending a lot of money on several contractors when the required work can be done once at a single cost.
  • Ensures Compliance with Regulations – Consultants see to it that each project involving elevators complies with both local and federal regulations. That guarantees optimal functionality and safety and also avoids lawsuits and fines in case the lifts fail or cause accidents.
  • Stay Up-to-date – New elevator designs and technologies emerge every year. Consultants are always aware of such trends, which increase client satisfaction when implemented. With such knowledge, consultants can ensure that your contractor offers you only the best and most innovative products available.

What Should You Consider When Looking for an Elevator Maintenance Contract?

Before signing a maintenance contract, you should consider:

  • Maintenance Costs – Maintenance costs will vary according to the elevator type, the height of the building, nature of services provided, and location. Look for contractors who can offer reduced prices for multiple elevators. You can also seek an annual price adjustment that gradually reduces costs if it’s a multi-year contract.
  • Company Skill and Experience – Find out how much experience the elevator company has in maintaining the type of elevator you have, and whether they have the right tools to address problems that may arise with the elevator controller.

Expert Consulting Services

At VDA, we have been in business for over 35 years. Our consultants stay up to date with design trends, new manufacturers, and technology in the industry. Therefore, we're able to advise clients on the best products and services for the transportation system in their buildings. We offer consulting services covering all areas of vertical transportation systems, including elevator service in Iowa City. Give us a call today on 973-994-9220 to find a consultant.

elevator service Iowa City

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elevator service Iowa City

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