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Gone are the days when we had elevators only confined to department stores and malls. Today, more homeowners and occupants of rental homes are beginning to have lifts installed where they live. Since elevators come with complicated systems, it's advisable to have them checked for operation inefficiencies from time to time. 

If you’re looking for elevator service in Coralville, you should consider a full-service provider. VDA is your go-to consulting company for the design, testing, inspection, and maintenance of moving walkways, elevators, and escalators.

What are the Common Elevator Problems?

Some of the common lift issues you may encounter are:

  • The door getting stuck. If this happens, consider checking any obstructions before contacting a service company.
  • Noises and vibrations coming from the elevator. They can result from several issues, such as the elevator equipment located in the shafts or machine rooms.
  • The lift gets stuck on one level due to obstructions or damaged open sensors.
  • Your lift suddenly slows down.

 It’s important to contact a service technician to troubleshoot the problem and fix any issues.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Lift?

Elevator ropes tend to last from between 10 to 15 years. Once the entire equipment exceeds the manufacturer's lifetime expectancy, then you should get a replacement. If you don't replace the lift, you'll end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs. In case the elevator experiences minor issues before the manufacturer's lifetime expectancy is over, then it’s best to have it repaired.

Some manufacturers tend to discontinue the production and support of the parts of a lift. Have a technician check the components that the manufacturer stopped producing for a particular elevator model before getting a replacement. This means that purchasing a lift whose spare parts are no longer in production would be a bad decision since you won’t be able to replace those components once they wear out.

Factors to Consider When Going for a Full-scale Modernization of an Elevator

The following are factors to consider before deciding whether your elevator needs full-scale modernization.

  • Determine the code version that's in effect to prevent challenges related to modernization design. In some situations, there might be considerable cost impacts if the wrong edition is used in the elevator design.
  • Evaluate the system needs of the lift to decide whether it requires a simple repair or a complete modernization to improve operations.
  • Consider the amenities (such as verandas and parking lots) that interact with the lift. Every decision you make about elevator modernization will affect other parts of the building. One way you can lower consequences or mistakes, in this process, is by adopting front-end engineering. Front-end engineering is a design approach used by engineers to control a project's expenses in its planning phase. With this approach, you'll have your sights on the potential impacts and plan on how to handle them.

 Waste No Time Servicing Your Elevator

Having your elevator inspected and repaired by a technician who's updated with the latest design trends, regulations, and technology is crucial. At VDA, we aim for long-term efficient and safe operations for vertical transportation systems through our consulting services. So, if you need elevator service in Coralville, call us today on 973-994-9220.

elevator service Coralville

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elevator service Coralville

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