Elevator Service Carlsbad

Elevator service in Carlsbad keeps one of your buildings most critical functions from failing. VDA has over 160 personnel working to keep systems functional across the globe. Our engineers and technicians help you avoid catastrophic liability.

Why should I service my elevator?

Systems break down over time. Entropy is a fact of life. Allowing wear and tear to take over creates serious risks for your visitors and additional burdens for your company. Accidents due to negligence are a serious liability that can bankrupt a company.

Service is not just a luxury but a requirement. State inspectors work hard to keep cities safe. Failing an inspection can lead to a shutdown in elevator service which greatly affects your ability to collect rent and provide for clients.

When should I service my elevator equipment?

Our experts recommend maintaining and inspecting your equipment yearly. We check your cables, keep you free from corrosion and rust, and replace parts as required.

The cost of maintenance is much lower than that of replacing an entire system. Commercial elevators are among the most expensive parts of a structure. Construction costs range from $20,000 to $50,000 or more for a two-story building with expenses growing rapidly as levels are added.

How complicated are elevator systems?

Any elevator contains many working parts. Dumbwaiters, pulleys, cables, and cars running along rails are all part of a working people mover. Brakes fail, gears lose lubrication and wear down, oil leaks occur, and cables corrode.

Taller buildings contain intricately designed systems. The tallest structures in the country use multiple shafts to avoid nearly impossible stress. This means tracking multiple different systems.

Can I improve reliability and reduce cost with design?

Adequately engineered systems reduce cost and solve problems in ways that last. Our consultants and engineers know the parts, configurations, and design which saves money and reduces complications.

VDA employs highly experienced professionals. Our consultants are skilled enough to teach continuing education classes for AIA members.

Experienced elevator service company

VDA is veterans in elevator maintenance and repair. We provide services on over 4300 projects in 12 different countries. Over 100 field technicians are available for onsite inspection, review, and drafting reviews.

VDA brings veterancy to every task. While you can easily handle daily chores to prevent issues, our team examines every component for potential failure.

What preventative maintenance should I perform?

Service calls start at $120 with full reviews costing more. To ensure that additional costs are low, your team should perform daily preventative maintenance.

Clean the equipment room. Inspect for leaks. Check to ensure that cars are level with the floor. Any flaws may result in a failed inspection or worse. Fines, fees, and lawsuits are easily avoided.

Elevator Service in Carlsbad

Carlsbad is a coastal paradise. Visitors expect flawless service. Elevators in multi-story buildings are a necessity for businesses.

Our experts perform an in-depth analysis of your systems to help avoid catastrophe and lower repair costs. Get in touch with VDA today to find out how we can help.

Elevator Service Carlsbad

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Elevator Service Carlsbad

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